Dr. BR Ambedkar is called “modern manu”. There must be some reason behind it. To understand this quite impartially, let’s just forget that Ambedkar is a ‘Dalit hero’, forget that Ambedkar was a Lower caste just call him Indian, just forget that he was the one who introduced reservation system, and now just consider Ambedkar as just another founding father. These assumptions are necessary because we Indians always try to find identity.
Here are some points.
  1. Ambedkar and Gandhi had so many differences in their ideologies, and Ambedkar was one of the critics of Congress, yet Gandhi was the one who suggested the name of Ambedkar for heading Drafting Committee (most important committee) and Nehru happily accepted the proposal.
  2. You can understand the importance of Ambedkar’s Vast knowledge regarding Law and Economics which is admired by even Gandhi and Nehru, and today we have the greatest Constitution in the world.
  3. Ambedkar was the alumni of one of the prestigious college i.e. London school of Economics. The RBI was formed by taking inspiration from Ambedkar’s thesis on “The Problem of the Rupee: Its Origin and Its Solution”
  4. The first ever step to modernize India was took by Ambedkar, when he introduced Hindu Code Bills. During the course of post independence era, conditions of womans were hopeless. Womans did not had liberty, womans were just workhorses. Because of Ambedkar’s vision; today, womans can walk shoulder to shoulder with mens. I will not hesitate to call Ambedkar as a saviour of Indian womans.
  5. Ambedkar minimized working hours of employees and workers from 14 hours to 8 hours. Without Ambedkar, employees would be working for 14 hours per day.
  6. Womans who cry in the name of feminism do not ever mention the person who advocated them. Claim over Inherant property of father, right to file divorce, right to marriage, Girls education etc. All are features of Hindu Code Bills. These popular initiatives of girl’s development was the vision of Ambedkar which we are following today.
There are so many contributions of Ambedkar, which played Vital role in the making of Modern India.
Content Courtesy : Quora.

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